GeoRSS feed - DMS Sign Active

The GeoRSS feed can be accessed via the following URL: http://www.vdotdatasharing.org/GeoRSS/DmsSignActive The feed contains the following fields:

Field Description Example
title Includes the sign name and its display status Sign NOVACMS69112 is on
description This is the message currently displayed on the sign [pt40o0][jp3][jl3] 63
link This is a link to the XML message for this sign http://www.vdotdatasharing.org/xmldb/DmsSignStatus/NOVACMS69112
georss:point This is the GIS location of the sign 37.14155 -76.53057

XML Database Record

The XML database record can be accessed via the following URL: http://www.vdotdatasharing.org/xmldb/DmsSignStatus/sender_id where sender_id is the id for the specific sign. The following is an example of the XML record:

<ns1:incidentDescription  xmlns:ns2="http://www.dummy-local-address"  xmlns:ns1="http://www.dummy-im-address"  xmlns:ns4="http://www.dummy-atis-address"  xmlns:ns3="http://www.dummy-lrms-address"  xmlns:ns5="http://www.dummy-itis-address"  xmlns:ns6="http://www.dummy-jxdd-address"  xmlns:ns7="http://www.dummy-tmdd-address"  xmlns:ns8="http://www.dummy-ntcip-address">
                <ns1:role>event  Management</ns1:role>
            <ns1:status>confirmed  report</ns1:status>
                        <ns7:device-id>RTB5  -  VA-168N  MM  14.85  -  64</ns7:device-id>
                        <ns7:device-name>RTB5  -  VA-168N  MM  14.85  -  64</ns7:device-name>

The following data elements are represented in the XML message

Line Field Description
3 senderIncidentID The sender's identifier for this DMS sign
8 latitude The sign's latitude in millionths of degrees
9 longitude The sign's longitude in millionths of degrees
15 idAlpha The roadway on which the sign is located
19 miDec The roadway milemarker where the sign is located
21 travelDirection The roadway travel direction that the sign faces
72 date The date for this DMS status update in yyymmdd format
73 time The time for this DMS status update in hhmmss format
74 offset The time zone offset time in hhmm format
79 device-id The device id for this sign as assigned by the sender
80 dms-device-status The current device status. Values are "on" or "off"
81 dms-current-message The current message being displayed on the sign
82 device-name The device name for this sign as assigned by the sender

WMS-C Layer

The WMS-C layer can be accessed using the following parameters

Service http://www.vdotdatasharing.org/geowebcache/service/wms
Layer dms_sign_active
Format image/png
Tile Size 256x256
SRS EPSG:900913

WFS Layer

The WFS layer can be accessed here. The feed contains the following fields:

Field Description Example
orci:sender_id This is the sender's Id for this sign. This is unique among all signs reporting status NOVACMS59373
orci:device_id This is the sender's device id RTB3 - I-264W - 64
orci:device_name This is the sender's name for the device RTB3 - I-264W - 64
orci:device_status This is the display status of the sign. Values are "on" or "off" on
orci:status_at This is the date/time of the status update 2012-03-01T21:02:56Z
orci:current_message This is the current message on the sign. It is in NTCIP MULTI format [pt40o0][jp3][jl3] 35
orci:route_name This is the route on which the sign is located I-264
orci:mile_marker This is the mile marker where the sign is located 14.1
orci:travel_direction This is the side of the road on which the sign is located west
orci:datagateway_oid This is an internal control value OpenCMS1512-NOVACMS59373
orci:v7_datagateway_oid This is an historical internal control value. OpenCMS1512-NOVACMS59373
orci:datagateway_domain This is an internal control value NovaSTC
orci:the_geom This is the location of the sign <gml:Point srsDimension="2" srsName="urn:x-ogc:def:crs:EPSG:4326"><gml:pos>36.84875 -76.010765</gml:pos></gml:Point>